How to choose the most suitable TV shelves for your house

The colour and material of the TV shelf

When my family moves into a new flat, I had let my wife choose everything she wanted with the exception of TV shelf. I cannot stand watching TV and feel totally beastly because of the disgusting or way too dramatic shelf. Fortunately, my fellows helped me making the best TV shelf for my living room within 3 days! Materials vary from solid wood to fiberglass and plastic. As the usual TV shelves material, I opt for wood because it is easy to form, pretty cheap (if you know where to buy) and make my living room warmer than plastic.

Apartment Interior by Jovo Bozhinovski

There plenty of TV shelves in furniture stores. It is lucky for you if you find one with an acceptable price, but you may go home with empty hands in some cases. There is plenty of choices. The most popular colours of TV shelves are black, chocolate, white, shades of brown… And if you want a stand-out above all, you can paint it any colour that you want to suit your furniture. Just make sure that you have imaged if the TV colour, the living room wall and the shelf suit together unless your house will be a mess! The contrast between black and white is the most popular choice.  In addition, the shapes’ choice is unlimited as well, they can be round, angular, oval etc… It’s all up to you. You can decor them by yourself all the time.

The particular selection of TV shelves

The TV shelf and bookshelf combine that I used to see in best woodworking books is a perfect option for my family because we just have twenty books or more but they still are few in number so another shelf is very unnecessary. I opt for a white shelf with two separate parts. The bottom part is for the TV, decorate stuff, a couple of speakers, amplifier and so on. I can put the glass or somethings need to far from children reach on the top part which have many boxes and holes that can carry books with a perfect arrangement. In contrast, you can hide many things in sliding panels as you do not use them anymore and don’t want to take them away. Those little storages will give you a lot of space for an entertainment center, especially when your house is not too wide.

In case you care more about aesthetics than practicality, there are many choices left such as flexible 360-degree tv shelves. The one that comprised of 2 parts the stand table and another table is movable that entitles you to watch TV from any position of the room. With our fast-paced lifestyles multitasking is very helpful, so having a flexible entertainment center in our house is a fascinating idea. Promise me if you do not buy the best wood chisels and make TV shelf yourself so don’t be strict with someone else just because they need more than a week to make it. Creating is a hard task all the time and especially when you offer an interesting pattern around the TV and space for external devices and extra functions.

The simplest shelf you can opt for is the ones with curvy glossy shapes that resemble parts of a spaceship. They are perfect for creating a luxe feel in the house and can be used as a TV shelf or just a decoration stand or a cabinet up to your wish. If none of the options I have given is not satisfied you so forget about TV shelves, just ask the store that you bought your television and they will help you setting a tripod, a post or similar one in order to carry your TV. This choice makes the TV fits perfectly into your house design and with others artworks as well. My wife and me plan to have a TV in our bedroom so this will be my future selection to save some space.

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